The Happy Hook-up by Alexa Joy Sherman
German Happy Hook-up

Released in October 2004 by Ten Speed Press and hailed as “a fascinating read” by the Chicago Tribune, this guide to casual sex and the single girl also received raves from entertainment industry heavyweights including Dave Adelson, Dan Bucatinsky and Roy Trakin. German readers enjoyed it, too!

Goal Digger Fitness by Eric Harr and Alexa Joy Sherman

Released in May 2007 by Rodale Books and written with bestselling author and world-class triathlete Eric Harr, this comprehensive manual is designed to help readers set and achieve their goals in order to reach their full fitness potential.


(Writing as Alexa Young)

Frenemies is a must-read story of friendship and fashion that inspired the Disney Channel TV movie of the same name, starring teen sensations Bella Thorne and Zendaya.

Girl Meets World Follow Your Heart
Girl Meets World Let's Do This
Girl Meets World Friend Power

These adaptations of popular episodes from the hit Disney Channel television series "Girl Meets World" follow the adventures and misadventures of best friends Riley and Maya, as they navigate middle school, family, first love and more.

Andi Mack Rockin' Road Trip

When Bex takes Andi to her first-ever music festival, things do not go as planned. First, Bex’s motorcycle gets a flat tire on the way there, then her wallet goes missing. Not to mention, Andi’s BFFs are mad at her for going to the festival without them. Will the trip be a disaster, or can Andi turn things around and make the festival a weekend to remember? Based on the Disney Chanel television series "Andi Mack," this original novel extends the world and story of the hit show.

Star Darlings Good Wish Gone Bad

After defeating Rancora, the Star Darlings are looking for clues about her origin. They soon discover the wish-troubled history between Lady Stella and the evil Lady Rancora that dates back to when the two women were teens at Starling Academy. They also learn new secrets about the women’s friendship and how it relates to the negative energy crisis that almost detsroyed Starland...and the danger that still threatens their way of life.

Let's Call It...Mech-X4

An adaptation of two popular episodes from the hit Disney Channel television series "Mech-X4" takes readers inside the world of Bay City High School freshman Ryan Walker, after he discovers that he can control technology with his mind...and that he must pilot a giant robot to save his town (and the world) from impending doom.

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